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I Cry
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I Cry

Poem By Cynthia Salinas

you make me want to cry and you dont know why
you make me want to cry and I dont know why
But then again you are the reason why i cry, then again i dont know why
I cant have you, you cant have me, so I cry
I ignore you, I dont face you, i turn the other cheek
do you ignore me? Do you want to face me? Oh how i wish to see.

im afraid of you, you make me feel
I lose my breath sometimes, then I wake up from this nonsense
Do you try to talk, do you try to see?

I dont know, I blindly go on
purposely blind, wanting to not be
what can i do? I am just sixteen.

you had her. You wont ever forget her.
you miss her. you hate her. you feel her

i dont have you. you will forget me.
i miss you. i hate you, i love you.

i wished for you. you came. Did you wish for me in the rain?
thoughts of you pour on me, why must these nightmares haunt thee
dreams, thoughts, what could have been, what is......?

this hideous mask i wear, oh why must you stare?
is it because you wonder why?
why wont she talk to me? What did i do? Am i doing somthing wrong, what am i to do?

the questions i wish you would say, but the character i play, answer the wrong way.

the answer is simply this, I am embarrased to say, ive liked you to this day, I tried not to
but I asked a question to myself, why try? I am confused I dont know what to do...

how foolish the witch, think not of me as a bitch, the role, the costume, I wear everyday
im sorry to say cinderella could never make it, that day you said hey.

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A good start with a nice poem, Cynthia. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.