The Golden Egg

Suppose you had a goose,
A goose that would produce
A golden egg a day
You wouldn’t want to lose
That special golden goose
You’d care for it in every way

Now something of more incredible worth
Was given to each of us at birth
We ‘ve got a worthy thinking brain
If positive, loving thoughts we’d feed it
Yes that is really all that’s needed
Just think of all the golden eggs to gain

If we keep up with doom and hateful thinking
Consuming drugs, excessive drinking
Getting stressed about any item in the news
Neglect good deeds and thoughts of pure
We can count on it, perfectly sure
That we will lose our brain as golden goose

Let’s feed our brain with all the best
Positive thoughts, lofty aims, a loving chest
Let’s focus on God’s way, forget the rest
Search daily for some goodness in the news
And sure your brain, just like the goose
A golden egg a day it will produce

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