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I Cry
LS (6/21/1995 / Aberdeen)

I Cry

^^Don’t leave me here I’m drowning,
Its getting dark and I cant swim,
I cannot watch you leaving,
turn around and listen.

Listen to the steady beat,
Playing softly in your ear,
Listen hard and listen well,
To the beat, the beat of fear.

My heart throbs beneath the water,
As my eyes begin to drift,
To somewhere far and empty,
Far and empties where they drift.

Lifts up above the thrashing sea,
I leave you far behind,
As I go somewhere empty,
I where I can relieve me mind.

You know my hearts stopped beating,
But still you walk away,
You know your cheating on my life,
But still you do not stay.

My body rolls against the waves,
It bobs from side to side,
I know that you have left me,
So within myself I Cry^^

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Comments (3)

Sad but really awesome. I've enjoyed this and i must say you have a lot of talent.
Its awesome. Lexi you are indeed a lady-Shakespeare
Sad but you have a reason to move on..