I Cry For You

Poem By Janaki Nilmini

From this hotel window
I saw them dragged you away
Cheering and clapping
Proud of their catch
To be sold
Cut into pieces
Or, wholesale
You will fetch such a value
More than they ever imagined

You wouldn't hear me
But, I cry for you
My heart is broken
To see you in this plight
Still gasping
I can only pray
You pass away soon
Without any delay
And be freed for ever

Man's greed is all over
He owns the sky
The land and earth
No matter what it costs
He will do what he wants
I have no say on this matter
I can only apologize
On behalf of
The advanced species

I cry for you
we've never met before
You, the beautiful creature
Made to measure
Dark blue ocean shade
Blended with winter-gray
Your spindle shaped body
That cuts through the currents
And somersault around
In the deep blue sea
Your own kingdom
But, the man has access

Comments about I Cry For You

Well conceived and elegantly brought forth with clarity of thought and mind. The superiority of man over other creatures of the EARTH is aptly captured in the poem. A beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing Janaki and do remain enriched.
A beautifully crafted write. It captures that man has power and dominion over some living creatures..10
A beautiful write. Yes there is a world Man needs to acknowledge which is the same in which he lives. Water kingdom has its own way of answering if we don't hear. Thank you
Cheering and clapping express emotion over perception. This is a thought provoking and amazing poem shared.10

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