I Cry To

Poem By Akilleas Sideous

cry when im mad and sometimes I just feel bad my eyes water just like yours
I cry because its normal but that you may never see but it happens to me
So I cry just like thee and if you see the eyes of me you will see the pain in me
But if I cry I will not die I will just be hurt at the most but I stand tall like the china wall but im not that tall at all but I still do cry just like you or I hold it deep within so my will wont bend
But I do cry and some times it’s a puddle about knee high
So when I cry I try not to die but to vent all the cruel intent that is meant
But in my tears there lies all my fears all the hurt and all my pain that’s why I always get a migraine but as my tears fall to the ground they seam to weigh several pounds as they collate they seam to create a mound of the things that make me feel down so when I cry I wont be shy to let them run from my eye(S)

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Wow, beautiful but haunting! 10/10

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