The Poet.

The Poet as every artist is working out his/her life
Thoughts, Beliefs, habits, loves & definitely strife
By writing down we can understand more
How life is going, what to keep and what to ignore.

The poet who writes for commercial
Always finishing hopefully with a positive potential
But the poet working on his life and feelings,
Can finish with a negative hope endings.

However, eventually the poet finds answer,
But, if he/she dwells on negatives, will suffer,
It is better to teach ourselves for hoping in the best,
Then our life will turn and goodness will be the rest.

Every time you try, more light comes into your life
Push yourself to find hope in the best to arrive,
But face what comes and solve it with enthusiasm
Never griping or fight against everyone with sarcasm.

by LaSoaphia QuXazs

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Awesome job, Vini! Your heart is pure.