I Feel So Alone

in this big world,
no love and uncared for,
this place,
it's so cruel,
filled with haterd,
unwanted pain and sorrows.
I tell the one's i love and care for,
to believe and just have some hope,
but where's the hope for me?
it's gone,
left me along time ago,
when i was a child.
Thought everything would change,
for the better,
as i got older,
but it only got worse,
as the years go by.
Now i've been sitting here,
thinking about my life,
and where it's goin,
and it's looking pretty lonely.
Cuz im not well in the head,
i feel at a lost,
with myself and others,
everything feels so far from me,
yet its closer to me,
then it will ever get.
I try and try again,
to fix everything,
thats been broken or hurt,
torn or worse,
but i just get things wrong again,
keep looking for answers,
in others,
that i'll never find,
so now all i can do,
is site here and cry.
: : end: :

written: 10/28/05

by Broken Angel

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Comments (4)

I like the analogy, and such an apt one coming from a physician
For this princess I will do all the cleaning up. And then some. I will be wearing the apron and the strings will be widely visible, of course.
Nice, very, very nice, but what if she's a messy 'heart guest': -)
This is sooo cool! Lucky girl!