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I'D Like To Be...
(August 8,1951 / Hillsboro, Oregon USA)

I'D Like To Be...

Poem By Harlan Simantel

I'd like to be a robin,
Fly where I want to soar,
Enjoy the easy grace on wing,
Not earth-bound any more.
But tug at worms and eat them?
I'd rather stay hungry and poor!

i wish i was a swallow

free to swim and swerve on air

but eat a flying gnat

so tiny to my taste - 

i might do that!

I'd like to be a cheetah,
Sprinting speedily as a car,
But catching prey and eating it?
I wouldn't go quite that far!

Tunneling into earth,
I'd like to be a worm,
But toil at digesting soil?
That would make me squirm!

I'd mate with whom I will,
That might be some fun!
Feeling along the grass at night,
Away from sight and sun.

I'd like to be a fish,
Perhaps a wily trout,
But gulp down grubs and insects?
I'd have to spit them out!

I guess I'll stay a human,
Entertain wild fantasies,
Eat what I like and when,
My appetite to please.

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