JR (September 18th 1971 / Lancaster, California)

I'D Like To Go Now

I’d like to go now
Because it’s been seven years I’ve been waiting
And it doesn’t seem like you are coming home
You have forgotten this old street

And the times we had both the good and bad
Can finally be history can finally let go of me
Because its time I walked away its time I lived for today
Its time, time I said goodbye

There’ll be no more dancing, this solo waltz can end
So much has passed me by while I have waited here
For you to look my way but your not even in line of sight
And I guess its time for me to walk out of the gym

Memories are something you recall
But me I have been reliving everyday with you
Something I wasn’t ready to give up
Out of hope you’d finally come back

So I take my leave of this record of the past
I think I can finally just let it all go
And turn to the future with my head held high
No more shoe gazing and looking back

And maybe there is another out there that’s free
Maybe she can lighten the world for me
There could be a new dance that has been waiting to begin
And letting you go can let her in

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