I'd Love You Again

You came knocking
Like the rain that showered waters after harmattan dusty dried period on a scaly desert
Yes you came looking
Like the great farmer looking for the most fertile spot on fallowed land
And you found me

And quenched this thirst I had long had
That I had only tried to control with semblance of the real thing
Yes, you satisfied the hunger, the desire

And me wishing for the brightest opportunity
Grabbed you with both hands and won't let go
Oh, the cool breeze that blew and often slipped away like fish on the river
I held like I'd be holding a crown
I won
I'd let you go not nowhere

Oh baby
A beautiful light that brightens a thousand paths together
You're the laughter provoking satisfaction that never would falter
Given the chance over and again
I'd love you a thousand times and again

by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

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I'd love you a thousand times again... Reading you always brings me half to tears Ezi... Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this.