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I'D Never Want To Leave

Your waist makes an arch
between your ribcage and your hips
and my eyes rest there for a moment
until they follow the outline of your spine
all the way up to your soft neck divine
dreams that you were mine
and I might rest my eyes upon you
when your presence might slow down time
and I might life the hair that falls upon your shoulder
and feel the world warm and gentle instead of colder
and recline next to your soft skin
and kiss you there
where the your neck meets your hair
My, you are so kind and so fair
and in gentle sleep I'd be with you there
If the world was kind
and we might dare to care
I'd be there
Your cheek has a soft curve
that others don't see
just me
I'd be thinking, the best things are free
and would look at the softness of the reflected light
first rays of morning sunlight
touching your peach soft skin just right
as a new day is born out of night
I'd linger there for a while
and would feel love and while you sleep I'd smile
and stay there for a while
and when I would see your eyes blink
I'd wonder what was in your dreams
and what it is that you wonder about and think
and by your still deep pools I'd lay and drink
my heart warmed by your reflections pink
and maybe our hearts would form a link
Your lips so full and soft and ruby red
compliment your baby face
and memory of it would be etched forever in me
I could not erase
the rapture of the moment
and the place
when your eyes blinked open
and I saw love written in them
and it shined all over the place
and then I'd kiss you ever so softly
so you would know for sure
I felt your soul, your spirit, your care
and your grace
I never want to leave such a place

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