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I'D Rather Be A Geisha

I'd rather be a geisha,
her life is far more gay,
she dances like acacia
abloom in blossomed May;
she goes back home to Oma
and rests her weary feet
or wears her silk pajama
with sushi as a treat.
A courtesan however
is lying on her back
or front or side, whatever,
which I find somewhat tack-
y, since she has to tie up
her own bows and kimono,
so though her class be high-up
she can't accept pro-bono
but works hard for her madam
and harder for her john.
Eve never bowed to Adam
or cooked him a wonton,
in fact her name means Lively -
she did just what she liked,
and when the snake said 'Shrive me! '
she gave him apples spiked.
So there's a lot more freedom
as geisha, singer, or
whatever suits a hedon
who pays up more and more.
Her wrinkles do not phase you,
her talent draws a crowd,
first pay! then she obeys you
she's smart, alone, unbowed.


by Linda Hepner

Comments (1)

geisha lives aren't always happy. they dont tie their own kimono and obi. an obi is what you called a boe. and if you walked past a geisha and didnt bow, you would be rude. geisha aren't unbowed.