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I'D Rather Be Alone Than To Try Again.

I'd rather be alone than to try again.
I've tried to much to only be friends.
I'm sorry to say buthis seems like our end.
I would want to remember moments of our love,
but now were just friends.
I'm tired of being a shadow in your life.
I'd already been that but in a place with no light.
I'd love to be a shadow, yet you said it wasn't right.
I'd rather be alone thatn to try again.
If you want me back then place me on a pedestal.
I'd done the same for you, yet you made me a stool.
I've finally grown tired of being your fool.

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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awwwww hun i have been there! Excellent poem, sad but excellent....hope it all works out for ya! Here's some love from the Eden <3 <3 <3