I'D Rather Be Alone

I'd raher be alone
Than hurting all of your feelings
I'm tired
Of us acting
Like we're friends
But we all know we're just pretending
And I want it to end

I know that we're just gonna keep fighting
There's no point of being friends
For nothing
It looks like we're acting

But I know all of us are
I get the feeling
That this is an everlasting war
We just hurted each other again and again
I don't want the fighting
I just want the
Everlasting friendship

But we all know we hurted each other
So now

I'd rather be alone
Than seing all of us hurt
I can't stand it
When we fall to the dirt

I just want the friendship
Not the fighting
I thought it'll work out well
But it ended up like we're acting

I don't want to see all of you cry
So I'd rather say good bye
And be alone
Than seing you all hurt

by Liz Gellur

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