(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

I Watched The Band- By Qal Fans United 2

I watched the band, I felt so proud
Magic on the stage, loved by the crowd
I watched the band, the music loud
You could hear the roars of the crowd
I pinch myself, I am breathing, just about
Such emotion, The greatest band ever, no doubt
Cry have fun. Applause out loud
The moustache was big, it ruled the gig
Big Q hovered above the rig.
Roger, Brian and Ad a dream come true
The tour is over, I’m feeling blue
Adams so hot, I can barely breathe
Some disagree, that makes me seethe.
The young and old enjoying the fun
The atmosphere electric, could be bettered by none
Roger on Drums, Brian gripping his ax and Adam holding the mic
We love them all we love the songs, really what's not to like...
We all agree get on your bike
While Freddie or Adam are holding the mike
Clinical deliverance form both of the singers
Even after the gig, the magic lingers...
We can’t stop but take that home...
Great fans of QAL are never alone....
How not to stop now? Queen + Adam Lambert, that's how,
Watch the faces of the crowds sit in a permanent 'WOW'
We love Adams leathers...better than feathers...
I would rip them off him, a roll in the heather
The show must go on, but we feel that empty ache
for Freddie, no one of his make...
Brian and Roger love Adam and that's all it should take.
A bond built on friendship, that will never brake
They filled our hearts; also our ears,
Something we have been missing for years.
To carry on the show for our sake...
No believers of QAL, to shows I will take
We can never b thankful enough... For the hard work of the dears...
Reanimated and christened. Magic years
Freddie be watching from above, cause Adam fits like a glove.
And Brian and Roger with smiles on their face can't help but show us the love...
With Rufus, Spike and Neil to make up the band,
The six of them would conquer the lands...
Zeppelin, The Who, Hendrix, Clapton bow down
To these Magicians of music, That retrieve the rock crown.
And delighted us all, both old and new fans.
Sing clap join in. time for a dance
'Follow me follow me what ya see,
stuck in your love until eternity,
You got my heart on Standby,
Sing to me baby...let's fly...
As Rio approaches and fans make the trip,
They'll arrive in big coaches and cool drinks they sip...
Buy up all the merchandise, not giving a flip
And hero worship again, on this rock n roll trip.

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Langston Hughes


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