'I Dance For The Love'

I dance for the love

I dance even when I feel pain
I dance knowing there's something to gain

by Amy Lee Click to read full poem

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A dance is a poetry by human body and your poem is a dance of words with a soul of love...........10
If only we would do everything out of love.
i love love love this. check out mine.
i love love *love* this poem. im a dancer, but ive gained some weight becuz of binge eating disorder and people dont understand why i dance becuz im not as good as i used to be, but this poem explains it. we have to memorize a poem for class. is it okay with you if i use this poem? ? ? it would be so great so please let me know! thnx :)
AMAZING! I like it.....Cheack mine out
this poem was amazing! it shows that those who dance dont just do it to look like little pretty ballerinas. we do it because we love it. is this poem by chance published in a book? id luv to use i for a report.