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I Dare You
MCA ( / Kingston, Jamaica)

I Dare You

Poem By Marguerite C. Anderson

I dare you to utter a word
To the muted walls you cry to each night.
I dare you to defy your station
When you are trapped by the agony of your own plight.
You can't escape the facade you live;
Your seemingly perfect harmony
Is your disguise against the discord of your symphony.
I dare you to dream of True Love's kisses
When your stagnant soul can't savour what it misses-
That long forgotten distant passion
has become an illusion, a figment of the imagination.
I dare you to lust at Love's nakedness beside you
Or to feel the urgency of Love's adjacent breath, overdue.
I dare you to find what your heart aches for
I dare you to step out of the confines of your silhouetted door.
If not for you, then do it for me.
I dare you to set my spirit free.
Let me not fear lest I but live
To spend my years imprisoning what I have to give.
There's more to life than this, I surmise.
Why then do I stay in this disguise?
I dare you, woman, to take a stance, I dare you to want romance...

How dare YOU to want romance? !

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