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I Demand An Apology

I will always remember
The cruel, hurtful things that you said
The pain you inflicted that night when you broke my heart
My world fell apart
All I ever did was love and adore you
All you ever did was betray me
Stabbing me in the back
All in the name of your precious love
Sending my pen flying across the page as....
I demand an apology!

You were wrong
I was wrong
So why don't you just stand up, be a man and admit it?
Admit that you made a mistake
The worse mistake of your life
Beliving lies over the truth you knew to be in your heart
Cut me like a knife and for what?
So she could smile at you and kiss you another good night
Makes me sick
Makes me scream again and again
Till you give in
I demand an apology!

Are you so insecure?
So devoid of any and all manhood that you must reduce yourself to this?
A shell of the man I thought could maybe be my new best friend for life
You were so damm much to me
Someone I trusted
Someone I loved
Now in one heartrending moment all those hopes and dreams I had for us are
Beyond repair
Beyond ever being to go back to the way we were
Shaking my head in saddness
Trying to clear the tears and the cowebs from my eyes
Wondering how I could have ever been so blind
Never thinking that now I would have to write to you to say....
Damm you!
I demand an apology!

I've said my peace
I've told you how I feel
Now I'm leaving it up to you to decide
Is she worth it?
Worth all the pain and the heartache?
Is she really worth losing a friend over?
Me or her?
Who will you choose?
Who will be the one whose hand you're gonna be holding 20 years from now?
Only one right thing to do and you know what it is
So don't make me say it again
Don't make me scream at you one more time
These words bold, loud, and so damm angry

by Ramona Thompson

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