I Deserved It Not

So she thought I deserved it not
When her car sped off of the bridge
Believing her loss would make a difference
Not only in his life, but maybe even others
So he thought I deserved it not
When guns roared and metal screamed
Bringing death upon those too proud to see
Believing a massacre would shed light
Not only in his school, but maybe a nation
So they thought we deserved it not
When fire swallowed holy ground
Engulfing those with hungry eyes and wicked hands
Believing a scandal would bring end
Not only for the past, but forever onward
Somewhere, a child cried
Alone in the darkness
Somewhere a child whimpered
Warm blood soaking the carpet, smearing walls
Somewhere a child was silenced
Even the sputter of a heart
Would never be heard again
Somewhere, someone can not say
-Will not be allowed to say
I deserved it not..
But who ever really did?

by Newo Enec

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It makes a person think about things a little more Thank You