IIB (28/09/1990 / south africa)

I Did It Again

status symbol of my heart
an interpretation of my imagined reality
life is beautiful
and so without you its a quiet melancholy
if every art is born in the mind
...then i found mine when you walked into my life.
excellent and extreme bliss
beauty beyond comparison
my perfect imagination
my very steps leave no trace of past wrapped with sadness
i truly understand that my deeds
...will eventually lead my quest for purpose
to a table of purification and judgment

i do not reserve all my powers to do right
it is now or never and tomorrow is not always as i imagined
i only hope my life experiences shed some light and wisdom
my voice speaks only of a heart whose intention
treasures the pearls of love

i dread not death but yes; not being capable to kiss
the desires my very soul labors tirelessly to feel
and yes i also question my purpose on this earth
as i keep fast hold of principles never forgotten
i have died several deaths and leaving behind the shades
of time a thread for these intricate delightful upcoming events
how easy it is to turn aside from the crown of life
and never feel like coming back to experience a joy so tender
in the uprightness of love

i am pacing towards my destiny with a sence of urgency
very hasty, i stumble and fall in honor of things i should have done

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