I Did Not Ask To Hear

Of your God and your religion I did not ask to hear
That's something to you I've already made clear
The God that I worship is a beautiful she
The great Goddess of Nature will surely do me.

You tell me of Jesus who died on Calvary
Though I too was indoctrinated in Christianity
But as a Christian I won't grow gray and old
As I see it the life story of Christ has been too often told.

I did not ask to hear of how marvellous you are
Of how you drive around Town in a new mercedes car
With your ideas of success I do not agree
There is more to a person than the eyes can see.

I did not ask to hear of your Country's flag or your Nationality
Such things as I see them mean nothing to me
That you be kind of heart is all I wish to know
And that compassion for others you've been known to show.

Stories of you and your wealthy mates I did not ask to hear
You base success on money to me 'twould appear
For those who are poor you lack in empathy
And your stories of self sound so boring to me.

by Francis Duggan

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