I Did Not Ask You To Pray For Me

I did not ask you to pray for me since I don't need your prayers
Go pray for yourself and your family and dwell on your own cares
If you are so convinced of a life hereafter your own soul you must save
There's nothing out there Mister your life ends in the grave.

The millions in third World Countries are crying to be fed
You pray for their souls only but they need meat and bread
Your prayers won't keep them living of the hunger they will die
Crops perish due to lack of moisture where the parched ground is too dry.

Go save your own soul Mister that's all that you can do
If I lay dying tomorrow I will not send for you
To kneel at my bedside and beg your God to forgive me
When I try to visualize the hereafter a dark hole is all I see.

When you talk to me of your God I do not wish to hear
Our so called God loving Government Leaders they only give us fear
They rightfully condemn terrorism but the hypocrites then bomb other Lands
The voters who elect such people I could never understand.

Go save your own soul Mister on me don't waste your time
I do not believe in a God or a hereafter though to you that seems a crime
And whether I am buried or my bones to ash will burn
I am a child of Nature and to Nature I'll return

by Francis Duggan

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