I Didn'T Fall From Heaven I Fell From My Own Expectations And Fell For You

Last night we cried down the phone so long into the early morning
just as though it should never have happened

Then muddled hearts leads to muddles heads
and with these muddled feelings we trip collapse and fall into your bed

Breathing, breathing we blow away the pain letting go
bringing in the memories of the past where nothing can remain
forever to lose forever to gain

I'm on the streets taking the metres to your house one by one
the closer i get the more real you become
then i stand outside your house, i look at the façade and know what lies within.....
And you go up to the stars in the sky while i'm still here on earth
i lose you to yourself and theres no more to fight for

But your angles fallen from her heaven, her wings are torn, her knee is shattered
and hold the burning skies in her watery eyes......
But God forgot the ladder and so i cant get back to the place that i called home
im stuck here forever and a day... earths reality and its not so bad
I need no heaven, i need no god, i need no future, i need no past
As you are my one and my all

by victoria mcvicar

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