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I Didn'T Fit

A look, a glimpse, not a phrase
was all you ever needed to determine my place
I’m not, never was nor will I ever be the perfect illusion of perfection
I think, perhaps, I never learned the definition
I guess I never thought I would need it.
but, you it seems.. it seems you breath it in
and you, you let it consume you.
euphoria shots through your veins
the instance you feel above all the rest
then you feel, you’re not the best
you’re worth a lot but no one ever cared
to ask you for your feelings at all.
and you know, you know that they are all waiting for you to fall
but this, this isn’t about you this time
this is about what you’ve done to me.
because I didn’t fit the way you perceived
life and all it’s creatures.
you knew my flaws
therefore, you knew it all.
and you judged me coldy
because, I could never feel your shoes
nor, did I ever, ever want to.
You left me in the cold
to burn up inside
and that’s exactly what I did
because envy wasn’t killing me
so I guess loneliness should
we’re all dying
and you made sure I was
because I didn’t fit the way you wanted me to be
and I never wanted to be you
The pity falls from the clouds behind my eyes
I want to hold you, love you, and take away the way you
can’t accept yourself or anyone else
because to give them acceptance
would feel as though, you were giving them the one thing
they always, ALWAYS denied you.

&, you simply can’t give what you never had.

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