( / Colorado, USA)

I Didn't Get A Vote

I don't live in Russia,
I'm not under Nazi rule.
I'm not in North Korea,
I'm not in kiddie school.

I live in Colorado,
In the fabulous USA,
But the Republicans had no caucus,
So I didn't get a say.

The establishment changed the rules,
The delegates can be bought.
They all went to Ted Cruz,
So Kakistocracy is what we got.

by Spock the Vegan

Comments (4)

Verses are so soothing and narrating the fact. I will vote 10 for this poem.
One person, one vote. No super delegates, no electoral college. No money in politics, no dirty tactics.
I didn't get to vote either, but for a different reason. We were told the caucus would be open from seven to nine and we could go and vote any time in between. When we got there about eight, we found that they had already done the presidential part and had counted the votes, and now they were only voting for the local delegates! Very disappointing.
Wow! Amazing piece....even if some of us don't follow US election politics