I Didn'T Love I Didn'T Work

Poem By ramesh rai

Believe in me
I'm truly speaking
neither i have loved
nor i have worked

Had i ever loved
my all desires would have been
completely at rest
i would have been free
from delusion and destitute
my all prides would have been diluted
and achieved the eternal goal.

Had i ever worked
i would have made
a revolutionary change in the world
to establish peace and prosperity
there were joys and fraternity
throughout the world

So, i say
i have neither loved
nor i have worked
till date except carrying out my duty

Few days of my life is left
i don't know when the flame of life
will extinguish, but i swear
i shall do both, i shall love and
i shall work through my poetry.

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Ramesh Rai, so you have worked and loved your poetry. Nice theme...

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