I Didn'T Realize

Hey, why are you sitting on a cloud, dangling your legs over the edge?

Come down to earth and find reality, not dreams, and make a pledge,
to try and make an effort to succeed
with your feet firmly planted on the ground,
and where no shadows can obscure your mind,
so that your future’s sound.

Hey, WHY ARE YOU sitting on a cloud?

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize your situation,
but of course you're dead right, I can see that now.
Please accept my commiserations.

Eternal dreams!

by Ernestine Northover

Comments (7)

I guess I'm like the one who is sitting on the cloud daydreaming my life away. Lovely poem Ernestine, love Andrew x
Intuiging slice of the etheral abstract..I like this a lot, young lady...You always know how to wet our poetic appetites, dont'cha now! ? ...Hell, mines in salavation right now! ~ ~ ~
Started out thinking it was like a Mom telling a child it's time to get a life and than the ending has me in stiches....This one captivated me and is ever so clever..~~marci.xo~~ :)
This is really interesting Ernestine, like a memory and when you wake up from your sleep you realise that they have gone..really thought provoking Take care Love duncan X
Hey Ernestine a clever piece of work here....well done
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