CMM (1953 june / Glasgow Scotland.)

I Didn'T Stand Alone

I was born a wild child
a navigators son
from the slums I took my chances
and was always on the run
fought my way with others like me
and society who blamed
my behaviour on my parents
and misfortune on my name

I bled for my existence
and stole to feed my need
I would put on many faces
to extrapolate my breed
to defend the others round me
and provide some hopeful care
to the familys with broken hearts
and dreams that went nowhere

In the darkness of a thousand scars
that tore away my flesh
my hands would reach into
the soul and bones of what I'm worth
and though the sun was shining
trying to brighten up the day
in the poverty of mouths to feed
the slums are always grey

In a history of violence
and the screams that no-one heard
in a mothers tears and fathers fears
I learned every word
and paraded with a vengeance
on the streets of cobblestones
that my heart was independant
and I didn't stand alone.

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A remarkable write, Charlie. I admire your ability to conform passion to form, your ability to express the universal through recognition of the independent, individual sensiblility. And anyway, it's just a heck of an experience. The navigator's son... learns to navigate his world. Wow.
Honest, brave and very touching. My applause for this one. Kindest regards, Sandra
Strong stuff, Charles. And full of fighting spirit. Very enjoyable. Love, Fran xx