I Die Daily

When I look in the mirror
I just don't look the same.
But I know this is me
Because Jesse is my name.
But I just keep on looking
and some of me is gone.
I just made up in my mind,
to just leave me alone.
Now, as I think about it
I die some everyday.
Every time I breathe
Some of me is going away.
I get up and do my task,
Some of me has to go away.
So I've made up in my mind
That I die some everyday.
I take my time and dress real sharp,
I don't care what I say.
We all just as well to admit,
Folks we die some everyday.
Yes, we look like the health department.
We look in the mirror and we see some gray.
This sends a blessed message
That we die some everyday.
I died some yesterday
and I died some the day before.
I will die some tomorrow,
The next day I'll die some more.
Well, I ask the question
"Why, yes why poor me?"
Every time I take a step,
It's not to hard to see.
I try hard to save myself,
I take plenty rest at night.
But when I awake in the morning,
Some of me is out of sight.
Yes, I take my exercise daily
and I watch my appetite.
But when I look in the mirror,
I don't look exactly right.
Well, I decided to retire
hoping that would do the trick.
But in just a few days,
I felt a little sick.
Now, I have made up in my mind,
there ain't no use to try.
Every time I open and close my eyes,
Some of me will die.
So, I give up, nothing more to say.
I have decided, I die some everyday.

by Jesse DeShay

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I die also. This is a good account of the miniture death she is talking about. Good to read.