I Died For Beauty

I died for beauty, but was scarce
Adjusted in the tomb,
When one who died for truth was lain
In an adjoining room.

He questioned softly why I failed?
"For beauty," I replied.
"And I for truth - the two are one;
We brethren are," he said.

And so, as kinsmen met a-night,
We talked between the rooms,
Until the moss had reached our lips,
And covered up our names.

by Emily Dickinson

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it says ooohhh lololololol git used to it! ! ! ! ! ! ! olololololo im 253234465 yrs old lololololol
so nice and good poem i read it and good poet too
Nice poem and good poet.......
Really enjoyed the feel of this poem, Thank you.
...........truth is certainly beautiful....an amazing pen ★
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