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I Do
VF (03/23/1971 / Bronx, NY)

I Do

As the sun rises for horizon's journey
I, too, rise by the silent pleasure
of your face, my lovely wife
Because your beauty lives beyond
the frail confines of your skin
And your eternal youth
soars as high as your spirit is free

You are not my captive
though in captivity my heart belongs
to you
It is only by covenant
that i possess you,
by the simple words 'I do'

Thus, I possess you the way my body
owns my heart...
which sustains my very life
And i possess you the way my mind
possesses my tongue...
Who without would wither away
in silence
Or as my heart belongs to love
by which i say: 'I do'

So who belongs to who? I do...
Always...to you

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This is a truly beautiful work. A wonderful tribute to authentic love. 'Thus I possess you the way my body owns my heart...' is undoubtedly one of the most beautifully romantic lines of verse in all the sappy world of love poetry. Bravo on this remarkable piece.