I Do And Do Not Regret!

No regrets for the life ever lived.
No regrets for the wounds never got dried.
No regrets for burnt left scars.
No regrets for poison I drank.
No regrets for the tears I sank.
No regrets for the eyes dried of tears.
No regrets for my palms were empty ever!
No regrets for the blessings I was deprived of.
No regrets for the love I was deprived of.
No regrets for the ones hated me for what I am not.
No regrets for any unfulfilled desires.
No regrets for the shoes I couldn't wear.
No regrets for the mask I wore.
No regrets for any dreams that never acquired.
No regrets for any failures.
No regrets if death is calling me nearer.
No regrets for life lived ever!
As I am happy somewhere I didn't cheat my soul!

Yes, I do regrets for the mistakes
That I did knowingly or unknowingly!
Yes, I do regret for the pain and hurt caused to others by me
May be some known and some unknown to me.
Yes, I do regret for unknowingly I stamped on someone's foot
The pain caused due it, I can never heal.
Yes, I do regret many times!

Once in your lifetime, do step into my shoes
to understand me for a while!

Inside my mortal heart there resides my eternal soul.
Which tries to lift my goodness and happiness in me.
Which tries to pull me from pool of darkness and regrets.
To refresh my life with the brightness!

Today it, Asked me in my inner voice
If Nothing was ever yours,
For whom you regret.
For what you regret!
For why do you regret my dear!

© 2014.

Geetha Jayakumar.

by Geetha Jayakumar

Comments (5)

Geetha... I can read your heart! For being outspoken, probably you must have been misunderstood at times! But you have a simple innocent heart with malice to none! Life cannot give everything we aspire for! Sometimes we might feel violently tossed by the rising waves! But what is important is to have a compassionate and loving heart with no intention of deliberately hurting anyone and the willingness to correct our mistakes! I like the frankness of your poems!
How your words have moved me Geetha. We cannot change any thing in our lives only the decision to move forward. Please feel my warm hug. Each word of yours I ever read always fills my heart. Thinking of you on the other side of the earth. I bless you and thank you. x
A poem of strong emotion.But, we miss you.Come back.
Very inspiring and scripted candidly.......Geetha.......well composed..........I liked it
confident write...and can hear the voice a a good human being...beautiful...