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I Do But I Don'T

I know i want you and i want you bad
I know i need someone to hold my hand
I know you've helped me out, it's clear to see
I know I like you and i know you love me

But I don't know where this is going, where this will end
Will it all end it 'i just want to be friends'?
Will you leave me alone, will I be wrong?
Will you say forever and then the next day you're gone?

It's not too unusal, It HAS happened to me
i just dont want you to say you'll stay and then you just leave!
I know you're a good guy and i know you care
But when i need you later on in life, i wnat yout o be there

I dont want forever, no that's not my thing
I don't want a house with you or a diamond ring
I just want you there for me, i'll be there for you, too
It's hard to explain, i do but i don't desire you

I don't know exactly- what i want from you
all i know is that leaving is what i DON'T want you to do
I want to be with you, that couldnt be more true
I'm just not sure if i want to be in love with you

I can't let myself go, I'll just get hurt again
I don't want a beginning if there's going to be an end
It just scares me, all the hurt and pain and sorrow
I want to be sure there will always be tomorrow

I trust you with everything inside of me
But the inside of you is too hard to see
You're a great guy who deverves much better
But please don't leave me! i want US to be together

This is really complicated, i know you can see
it's just if you come to me, i do but i dont want you to stay
To me you're almost like a Godsend, stright from Above
But i'm just not sure. I do but i don't desire your love

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i could so send this to someone (if i knew his e-mail...) . once again, hit straight home. nice (fav's list =D) eni da kid
LOVE THIS ONE! ! <3 <3 4th stanza=perfection ~Amber~