TM ( / England)

The Prediction

That night the moon drifted over the pond,
turning the water to milk, and under
the boughs of the trees, the blue trees,
a young woman walked, and for an instant

the future came to her:
rain falling on her husband's grave, rain falling
on the lawns of her children, her own mouth
filling with cold air, strangers moving into her house,

a man in her room writing a poem, the moon drifting into it,
a woman strolling under its trees, thinking of death,
thinking of him thinking of her, and the wind rising
and taking the moon and leaving the paper dark.

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Oh this is so true Tia lol...well written...Fi 10+++
Aah - Tia - - and her chocolate - - not quite my idea of heaven - but fun reading your version in verse....... and a 10 + + ++ from Fay
We do have our Uses' you know women and fuses.. :)