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I Do (Her Vows To Me) (C) 2-26-2010
CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

I Do (Her Vows To Me) (C) 2-26-2010

I’ve patiently waited for you to ask
The question that I hope forever will last
The answer I’m about to give I know is right
It depends on everything until the end of my life
I do vow to nurture you and cuddle you when you need
And I do vow to let you be the one to plant our seed
I do vow to let you keep me in the house of my dreams
And I do vow to fix you when you get fat and I have to sew the seams
I do vow to grant you access to my love by giving you the password best
I do want to marry you so my answer is definitely yes
So sweep us off of our feet and hold us up for life
Yes I do vow to be your lawfully wedded wife!

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