I Do, I Really Do

Once upon a time, there was a young lady
Who met this man of words who came out of nowhere
Seems a kind of arrogant yet still manly
Which triggered her to know him more lately.

He's a goddamn poet and I'm an avid reader
Fond of reading each and lovely pieces he made
He is so gentle and kind the way he speaks
Which always turn may pale cheeks into rosy cheeks.

Weeks passed by and I really missing something
Oh my? The hell I was saying?
Asking myself 'Is it really something or someone? '
I can't help it anymore, is he the one?

'I like you' words that I want to tell you
But when I'm trying to, rejection always comes from you
I never gave up cause I'm madly in-love
And I think that I never failed of showing it my Love.

Fourth of April, early in the morning, I still remember
My heart seems to jumped out of my untrimmed chest
Feeling the same way too, He finally admitted
Oh God, thank you for the answered prayer!

Happiness, excitement, care and love that so tender
I really like this feeling which brings me higher
But what happened? We just lasted for one day?
Sh*t! I feel that we were having each other for so many days!

With a heavy heart, I let you go, I let you gone
Any minute that time I'm going to explode and I don't know why?
I just found myself a broken-heated woman
Losing him with just a blink of an eye.

Oh! I thought our love story would be like those fairy tales
Finding true love and having their happy ending
But ours? Since we had author-reader commitment
It was wrong, really wrong for you and it was a sad ending.

Sorrows, tears and blues filled my heart
Though it was just one day of love
I'll still treasure it that way I want
I hope that you are longing for me, missing me now that I'm gone.

Cause you know?
I do
I really do.

by Captain Herbert Poetry

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Losing him with just a blink of an eye! Thanks for sharing.