I Do It Worse

You betrayed the one you love,
Yet, I do it worse.
Folding yourself in half,
On you, god has put a curse.
Reaching out for the devil's hand,
I do it better than you can!
Having progress fall into my hands,
Guess you know you weren't the man
Having evil pumping through my veins,
I could beat you to anything,
Just because you're insane!

Anything you do,
I do it worse!
When it comes to payback,
Girls payback first!
At first we are weak,
But we soon burst.
On you, god has put a curse.
One you'll never escape,
While I roam earth.
Now you should know,
Your day of death will be like your birth.
Screwed up your reputation,
I'm real, not some kiddish imagination!

I'll glide the grounds, like a snake.
I'll ruin your life, whatever it takes!
Out of you, a poor soul, I'll make.

This is for the exes, who act like bastards too,
Excuse my language, but that's what it is when it comes to you!
So all the girls that feel my vibe,
Knock him down,
Like a feather
Like a doll
Like you do in your dreams.
Time to make it real,
Shoot him with what you feel!
We take this road cuz we dare!
Leaving them guys saying, : demans, it's not fair! '

I do it worse
I do it worse
I do it worse
On guys, god has put a curse!

by Adnana Saric

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