I Do Not Know

I Do Not Know
By: Meg MacKenzie

At four years old, what can I do?
You say you’ll be back in a minute, but I think I will do
Around and around the blocks I go, on my little bike
One after another, it’s getting dark as coal.
Where am I? I do not know this
Strange place. Where are you,
Mom? I do not know.
Blinking red and blue lights, they stop to take me home
What’s happening? I do not know
Am I supposed to be sad, happy, excited?
I do not know. Mom runs in, tears in her eyes
Puddles welling, as they seem to crash down on the floor
Holding me so tight and looking at me never before
Why is she so upset, but happy at the same time?
I do not know

by Meg Mackenzie

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