I Do Not Know Anything

I am so innocent newly born and crying,
To walk over ground I am more trying.
I do not know when I do fall and stand,
When do me sleep and weak up in land.

While mom feeds me I do eat and drink,
In ocean of thoughts of God I ever sink.
Link is invisible sure between him and me,
Many try to observe and analyse to see.

I think of past death recent pain of birth
I do not know how I fall in lap of Earth.
Mother holds with love softly touches,
Up to her my whole wish gently reaches.

I thrash my feet in lap she gets no pain,
She puts her hand in love boon does rain.
Gainful it is definitely for me that I feel,
With courage I move try to walk get meal.

Real affection for me she does ever keep,
By her care childhood dazzles I also creep.
I crawl on ground and follow her in home,
While she adores God I too do same roam.

I do not know anything I obey her order,
Always she tells story, teaches me letter.
I do not know anything why I born and die,
Supreme father mother knows why I cry.

by Bhargabi Dei Mahakul

Comments (7)

How we never want that bond to be broken between mother and child. beautifully expressed and thank you too for your poet notes.
Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.
beautifully presented the feelings of a new born child.......
Beautiful childhood days wat can i say in a beautiful writing yeh!
Childhood is the time of bliss when a baby is loved and tenderly taken care of by its mother! A child is so innocent and is nearer to Heaven! It seems that childhood is a pet theme for you! Enjoyed!
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