I Do Not Know My Self Anymore

Poem By jerrah mae apelado

Who is that girl in the mirror?
Why isn't she smiling?
What happened to her?
She is always lost in her thought
I can still remember
Those days when she was smiling,
And the smile was real.
What happened to her heart?
The last time she watched a movie,
She cried but now she is cold.
Colder than the aircon on the cinema.

I freaked out, who is she?
Im so afraid.
She changed a lot and I wondered,
How much more could she change?

Once again, I jerked out the hell out of me.
I stepped back.
my knees were numb.

Shit and shit!

Was that really me?
Oops why are those tears falling.
A precious thing,
But keeping those tears
Add the burden even more.

Can't believe this.
I don't even know my self anymore.

Comments about I Do Not Know My Self Anymore

I actually love this! It's brilliant! You really express a feeling of loss. You describe the transition between your past self and your present self so brilliantly and originally. It is a terrible feeling to not know your own self and you conveyed it beautifully! Well done! :)

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