I Do Not Play To Be Played

Freely I'm not one to give love.
With a doing readily expressed to show.
Love to me is precious to keep and share.
With it specially given.
I've never regarded my love as a sport,
For entertainment purposes.
Not me!
I care too much to just leave it anywhere.

Freely I'm not one to give love.
I feel if I have it it has to be earned.
I wanted it protected I don't want it burned.
I don't want my heart to be mended from pieces.
Or have my feelings tested to be left once teased.
Too many do that to appease their own needs.
And I care too much about love just to leave it,
With anyone who will do that to me!

No free love to anyone do I give.
Not today when much of love has been cheapened.
I want what I give to be recognized and respected.
And when that to me is shown...
What I give to then receive in return,
Will never be neglected with an ease to reject...
For what comes next.
Once love from me is given love is what one gets!
I do not play to be played to lose points another scores.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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