NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

I Do Not Speak, As You Do Not Hear

i do not speak,
as you do not hear,
i do not run,
as you sense no fear,
i do not cry,
as you feel no pain
we have no need to pray.
for you and me, we are the same.

the difference of time,
is but a dream away,
The uncustomed tounge,
is still warmed by the same sun.
your winds will always reach me,
as your words shall forever teach me,
i do not miss you,
for you are within me,
softly beating on the chambered walls,
of my heart.
we do not speak,
we whisper.
for our words,
are only for us.

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That is really beautiful Vincent, a lovely read. Moyaxx