I Do Things I Don'T Mean

Why do the same people,
Playing the same unchanged games...
Can not accept those who refuse to play them,
Have left immaturity and those still there...
With time to find on their minds,
Can do nothing else but remain confined...
To a doing that defines their childishness?
And then to pretend like children often do,
That 'someone' did something to offend them.
To then embellish and exaggerate,
The nothingness to them that has been done.

'What to you did they do? '

~You know how I am and others accept me? ~

'Oh? '

~You know how I do things I don't mean? ~

'Yeah, I do. But why continue to do them? '

~That's how I am.~

Perhaps the 'you' that you are,
Should face the facts that others have grown up.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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