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I Do Wonder (A Song) Recorded 1977, Never Released

If she loves you, you won't have to ask
If you love her, she will know
If you hold her close on a moonlit night
You can tell, in her eyes, they glow

Oh such a word that they call love
It's the downfall of many a man
But who am I, except another fool
Who keeps loving you, as I do

I've been told, so very long ago
If she loves you, you will know
But when at night, I am all alone
I wonder if this is so

Love can be the beginning of life
Or sometimes be the end
I've made the fall, there is no way out
The well is deep within

Forgive me love for needing you
For loving you as I do
I know what you do mean to me
But I wonder what I mean to you

Oh the pain of undying love
The way you make me feel
The way that I do hurt inside
I know this feelings feal

My love, My love, I do wonder
What it is that's in your eyes
That's reached so deep inside of me
That's changed my way of life.

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