I Don'T Believe In Giving God Junk

Again my car is back to the mechanic,
To see what is wrong once more,
Will he rip me off and begin to laugh?
As I’m making my way out the door?

The teacher who's handling thirty students,
Robert’s still failing and unlikely to pass,
This time will she listen to God's word?
And do her part tutoring him after class?

If you found an Indian head nickel,
Laying on God's beautiful green earth,
Judging by your skin at a coin collector’s,
Would you still receive what's it's worth?

More often than not in our lifetime,
A fair shake we will not receive,
It really doesn’t matter what the reason,
Only that someone is going to deceive.

The adulteress was brought to Jesus,
Caught in the act she had to be stoned,
Let him among you is without sin do it,
In the end she was left standing alone.

We can’t be caught up with how others treat,
Be sure the road’s straight in placing your feet,
Let misguided feelings constantly linger on,
You’ll become the one who is in the wrong.

While we were warming up in rehearsal,
A half hour before the radio broadcast,
Mrs. Lowe criticizes our choir on a song,
They had just sung it way too fast.

Saying, we're not going to do this song,
Sounds like you're singing out of a trunk,
With a stern look in her eye Debbie say’s,
'I Don't Believe In Giving God Junk'.

What’s wrong with you people today choir?
You don’t drink so you cannot be drunk,
That song sounded so bad if it was a smell,
I would have to say you are a Skunk.

Shake off whatever is stuck in your mind,
Just kick it in the butt and leave it behind,
We’re singing in praise to our Lord & Savior,
I will not stand for this kind of behavior.

Sharpen up those voices and clear your throat,
I refuse to be held by you as a scapegoat,
Pay close attention because I want all to know,
Don’t ever bring that jack near Debbie Lowe.

w/Jeff Ricky Cheeks

by Luke Easter

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