I Don't Believe In God Anymore

For God is a myth
Yet never seen
Why are we on this forbidden earth anyway?
For if he is never seen
Then the invisible doesn't exist
I wonder if ghosts are ever seen
For the lost ones are still lost
And my heart is without cure
The strength of a woman only exists within me
For I don't believe in God
For God doesn't exist
In our minds, he is just a thought
Forever missed.

by Electric Lady

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This Is A Very Heart Touching Poem... I Feel Like I Should Say With A Tear... Because Gods Beauty And Unconditional Love! ! ! ! ! Surrounds Us, Dear! ! ! ! ! And He So Wishes For Us To Feel, , And Share That With One Another! ! ! ! ! I Do Not Know A Whole Lot About Religion. Always Learning Though...But I Do Feel God! ! ! ! ! And I Do Believe! ! ! ! ! He Always Just Wishes To Be Here For All, , , Creation! ! ! ! On Earth, , , And In Heaven! ! ! ! ! For He Cries....For Even One, Sparrow... That Falls And Dies! ! ! ! !