I Don'T Care

Poem By Emily Angel

You think you hold
the world in your hands.
But all you are is
A big nothing.

Your critical eyes
miss nothing except
All the flaws you
Yourself have.

You circle me like
a vulture, pointing out
Each and every fault
Of mine and you
Call me a tragedy.

I have flaws, I accept
But I don't need you
To show me them
Every second in a day.

You call me a tragedy
And so am I.

The world could use
quite a few tragedies
To be interesting.

You try to drown me
In my own tears.
But sorry, not this time.

You roar like a lion
And I'm not moved
'Cause I know you're
Weaker than a cat.

Each time I ascend a step
You push me two lower.
But it won't work anymore.

You go on critizing me
But this I want you to know.

Just three words.
'I Don't Care! '

You are welcome to bring
The sky down upon me
And I still won't care.

Comments about I Don'T Care

You are welcome to bring The sky down upon me And I still won't care. Marvelous! Your biography portrays you as a soft girl, but here you have shown how strong you are. This is a strong expression of how you feel about your tormentor, you have said it in no uncertain terms. I also appreciate the beautiful and forthright comments of Elizabeth Grace and Stefanie Fontker. They have spoken my mind out.
Ah! Now, this is what I have been searching for. Thank you for giving words to what I needed. :)
The tragic is beautiful, and flaws are only life's scars, you carry them well. Beautiful poem.

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