I Don't Care...

Poem By Gencay

What kind of lover are you?
What is your gender?
In love with you in woman and man
How many centuries they are looking for you

They are so looking for you
They stepped stones in their hearts
They made sculptures in their homeland
You thought
They knelt in the face.

If you do this nowadays
They call the man crazy, the woman
They fit the madness in a clever mold,
They are looking for you again, endless
With great faith.

Whereas what's your name
What do you think
What was the spark
This great love?

In the technology of the centuries
You were called god
Then all
And then power
Energy today
Your name keeps changing
You do not exist..

Ahh here lies the tragedy!
No one sees you
Nobody heard
Saw, heard
When you say I contacted
There is no tangible evidence.

We feel you
Your scent is coming through the glass
To our nose
But we can't see you
That there
We feel.

But I
I am not calling you
Like the others
Why should I call?
Why would they call?

Ahh here lies the tragedy!
Not that they love you
Looking for you because you love each other
And they believe you have
Your sword that will destroy death and separation!

Actually they don't believe anything
Just a desire and a maddened desire!
To live always with loved ones..

You existed
Or I can't say you never existed
I drink wine god
Whether exist
Wanna be
I don't care..

Comments about I Don't Care...

Lovely poem. The day will come when you may meet but for now live and let live. Enjoy your wine

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