(6-26-1980 / othello)

I Don'T Even Remember Your Name

you with the blonde hair
who smoked too much weed
you were my favorite.
High on cough syrup
I asked you to be my girl
told you I was thinking about
another town
a new start
but if you’d be my girl,
I’d stay
you agreed and we played in the park
that night for hours,
kissing and building miniature
stick houses
it took us half and hour maybe
to cross the bridge
and those Christians
slowed to walk with and
talk with us
they wanted us to know
that they cared
if you read this I want you to know
that I still care
you were always my favorite.

by Jon Edward Walker

Comments (5)

Such an odd viewpoint...the author makes you unassumingly jump into his life whether you want too or not...you are drawn in or you will not truly understand what is happening. Although I cannot say that this is well written poetry, I enjoyed the play of words and oddity of this poem.
In a way I agree with Michael below... Though I don't know how poems are chosen for the 'honor' of being Poem of the Day. (Nor if it is an honor.) I have suspected though that poems are chosen here at random. This one is a personal account of a kid who was drinking cough syrup to get high - and frankly it reads like a personal message to someone that he hopes some day will read it. I'm not a great fan of negative criticism about what is or isn't poetry. So I won't go there. But this piece has little attraction for me.
Nice work. Extraordinary poem. I like it so much.
This is a prime example of what poems get chosen for this honor 1- It was submitted 10 years ago 2- The member has not been... A MEMBER for years! 3- It received 1 comment in 10 years. 4- It only got 8 votes and the avg rating was below 7 5- First and foremost; it has a video add. A chance for more revenue, PERIOD! Don't get me wrong, I like the community here, but the management chooses with No regard for content. The top 500 poem list should make you scratch your head too. Similar poems are all throughout that list, with few comments, low ratings and annoying video ads. There are only a relatively token number of true participants on this site (People who are active in submitting and commenting) They should be featured in this section, if not exclusively, at least occasionally.
I think this is beautiful Jon. It adds another dimension to your 'bar women and one night stands' reputation..........very intimate and sentimental of you. Nice work. Sincerely, Mary