(12.09.1953 / Ndola, Zambia)

I Don't Give A Hoot

I don't give a hoot what manipulators think
When they wade in the stream
Where mediocrity and infirmity clink
Glasses to celebrate failure in a ream.

I don't give a cuss whether manipulators recognise
Or downright berate outwright my insights
Into mysteries of batteries that surprise
Humankind with their ineptitude in intellectual fights.

I hardly care whether manipulators append
Fake boobs, fake hips, fake nails and fake love
On whoever scum chooses to send
Kudos to manipulators on an ebony dove.

I'm fed up with rantings and displays
Where histrionics ascend to prominence
Eclipsing virtue for the sake of replays
Of lunacy gone viral in an inferiority an ICU ambulance.

by John Sensele

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